N27 The Brand.

Unleash Your Resilience and Embrace Your Power!

The Natalie Nichole Brand is more than a collection; it's a movement that ignites the spark of resilience within all of us.

Unveiling Resilience in Style

Step into your power with the N27 Brand's collection of shoes that go beyond fashion. Each step is a reminder that no matter the circumstances, resilience is your constant companion. Limited Edition Tees are more than just fabric; they're statements of self-belief that radiate strength. It's not just clothing; it's your armor of confidence.

Beyond the Material: In-Person and Virtual Events

The N27 Brand is more than what meets the eye. Join us in-person or virtually as we delve into the heart of empowerment. Dive deep into the narratives of triumph over adversity. Connect with like-minded souls who believe in embracing life unapologetically. These events are more than moments; they're transformations.

The Evolution of Natalie's Creativity

The N27 Brand is a canvas where creativity knows no boundaries. It's the embodiment of Natalie's journey, showcasing her growth, resilience, and vision. With every product, event, and experience, you're invited to witness the true evolution of a spirit that never backs down.

Embrace the N27 Brand Experience

Natalie's story isn't just hers; it's a universal narrative of rising above challenges and daring to dream big.

The N27 Brand invites you to stand tall, to believe in yourself fiercely, and to chase your desires unapologetically.

It's a brand that honors every facet of Natalie's being and invites you to do the same for yourself.

Discover the N27 Brand โ€“ where resilience takes center stage, where dreams turn into reality,

and where you're encouraged to shine as brilliantly as Natalie Nichole herself.

Join the movement and embark on your journey of empowerment today!

#N27Brand #UnleashYourResilience #EmbraceYourPower

Limited Edition Evolve Tees

Evolve | Limited Edition Tees!

Each edition of Evolve Tees amount to only 10 created in total. But here's the twist: each shirt will house an exclusive embroidered code, a hidden gem within.

That's not all! When you order your "Evolve Tee," expect a bundle of extra surprises when it arrives. Plus, it's your golden "Tee Ticket" to an exclusive virtual event! Get ready for an unforgettable experience accessed via a private link.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Curious to own this unique piece?

Text: 917-719-5637 or fill out the form below. If you have Voucher please apply it while filling out the application.

Remember, there are just 10 of each of these beauties up for grabs. Once they are gone, theyโ€™re gone! You can also click the link below to fill out the form.

Every penny from these limited edition tees goes towards bringing my music closer to you. Your support paves the way for live performances in a city near you. Let's make memories together!

Limited Edition Collections.

No mass production items.

Genuinely purposeful creations.

Made by Natalie Nichole herself.

The Nest.

Welcome to The Nest:

Your Evolutionary Haven

Step into The Nest โ€“ Experience the joy of discovering curated empowerment with The Nest Bag. For a donation of $30, you'll unveil 4 items that together are valued at over $50.

It's a journey of self-discovery through merchandise, each piece carrying the power of resilience and belief. Let The Nest Bag be your guide to self-empowerment.

๐ŸŒŸ A La Carte Empowerment: Everything for $10 ๐ŸŒŸ

Indulge in choice with our A La Carte selection. Each item on the merch table carries a donation tag of just $10. It's not just merchandise; it's a piece of empowerment you can take with you. Select what speaks to you, and let your choices become a testament to your individuality & support.

๐ŸŒŸ Empowerment, Choice, and Freedom ๐ŸŒŸ

The Nest isn't just a place to purchase; it's a haven where empowerment takes center stage. Choose the path that resonates with you โ€“ whether A La Carte or The Nest Bag, every choice contributes to yours & my journey of self-belief.

Thank you for being part of our movement, for embracing our authentic approach, and for finding your place in The Nest. Your spirit is what makes us soar, and together, we're unstoppable!

Only available at shows IN PERSON.

Hats & Tumblers $30 each.

It Was God: The Natalie Nichole Story

Available everywhere books are sold. In paperback & e-book.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart & more!

N27 K.M.O.B

Figuring out how to master overcoming boundaries can be a challenge but with N27's you can learn how to fly! Designed to be worn with anything. Whether itโ€™s urban, casual or dressing it up - YOU CAN in N27โ€™s. These shoes represent anyone who keeps standing back up when life tries to knock you down!

What's in a Name? N27: Natalie Nichole's Essence

N27 โ€“ a code that encapsulates the journey of Natalie Nichole, a force to be reckoned with.

N for Natalie, TWO representing her mixed heritage and

the fact that thereโ€™s two Nโ€™s representing her full name,

and Seven signifying her unwavering spirit & the 7 letters in each of her names.

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Give Love. Be Love & Be Loved.

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